Friday, June 20, 2008

Followup to "Grow a backbone"

From my "Grow a backbone" posting, at least there is a chance these accused felons (at least I hope the crime qualifies as a felony) could actually owe some cash and do some time for the damages they caused. On the upside, they got to participate in the graduation ceremony. And I'm sure Bubba and the other inmates will just be thrilled to hear all about the cap and gown hijinx.

17 Mount Clemens High students arraigned for vandalizing school

[Court Magistrate Daniel] Goulette entered not guilty pleas for each of the teens and set a personal bond of $2,000. Each of the defendants faces up to three months in jail for breaking and entering charge as well as up to 93 days in jail for property destruction. In addition, they could be given fines of as much as $600. (link)

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