Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Grow a backbone

A sign of everything that is wrong with dealing with today's youth.

Mount Clemens: Graduation ban lifted

More than 20 Mount Clemens High School students accused of vandalizing the school last month were expected to participate in Monday night's graduation ceremony after the Board of Education reversed an earlier decision banning them from commencement. The council held a special meeting on Saturday to discuss the matter and voted 5-2 to allow the students to graduate along with their classmates, said Gregory Murray, the board's president. District officials had banned the students -- who reportedly caused more than $4,000 in damage -- from the ceremony held at the high school on Monday night, but an uproar from parents and the students prompted the Board to reconsider. The students remain suspended from school. (link)
Wow, one wouldn't have imagined that suspected felons would be high on the invitation list to a graduation. But then again, people invite Bill Clinton to graduations.

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