Thursday, August 21, 2008

My new roommate

I had been thinking about it for a while and decided to get a new roommate. I am so glad I did and wish I would have done it earlier.

Everything you could want in a roommate:

  • She. Yep, her name is Rosie.
  • Quiet.
  • Doesn't need much attention.
  • All curves.
  • Likes it when I flip her on her back and tickle her.
  • Very tidy.
  • Sucks like a pro.
  • Kind of shy, but I got her to stand still for a minute to so I could snap this picture.
  • This weekend we might get adventurous and attack the bedroom, but we only got to play in the kitchen and dining room on her first day. Check out this picture to see what a great job she is doing.
  • She even has her own official website.
Feel free to leave any comments here on my blog about what you think of her. If you like, I can probably hook you up with one of her sisters.


Anonymous said...

She is cute. I wonder if she is related to my gal --- maybe a 1st cousin or something! Aunt Cindy

Anonymous said...

dude you are twisted, but can she come to my house

Comet may not get along with her at 1st


Anonymous said...

once you have this girlfriend over, you never want her to leave. Let me know if you want one like her, I can hook you up with a great deal!
the crazy aunt

Anonymous said...

You are so weird. You forgot the part about how she'll put up with you and isn't all emotional!