Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Followup: Why waving a shotgun at cops is a Bad Idea (tm)

Followup to Why waving a shotgun at cops is a Bad Idea (tm).

It was determined, as it should have been, that the "...the officers' use of deadly force was justified..." in the fatal shooting of a 12-gauge shotgun wielding man. "...[the man] refused to obey the officers' commands to drop the weapon and raised the shotgun at the two officers, who fired several shots, fatally wounding him." (link)

My rule of thumb would be that if a police officer, with weapon drawn, gives you a command to drop your double cheeseburger, it'd be a good idea to comply. Quickly, if not immediately. If you are wielding anything more lethal than something off of the McDonald's value menu and decide to hesitate, then you are about to have a very bad day. The upside? It will probably be the last bad day you ever have.

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