Friday, June 20, 2008

Wikipedia has more music dorks than space dorks

The wikipedia entry for 4 Minutes to Save the World, a song first played on December 16, 2007, has 72, yes seventy-two, footnoted references.

And Freedom 7, the name of Alan Shepherd's Mercury capsule which carried him to become the first American in space back on May 5, 1961, has but 5 references, none of which are footnoted.

While I logically recognize that there are more people with online access and the technical savvy to edit a wikipedia article who care about Madonna than those who care about the early days of the manned space program, this is pathetic to me.

Not that WP itself is pathetic, thought it has its moments, just that "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit" cares more about a song with no historical significance instead of an important milestone of man's journey to walk on the moon.

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