Friday, February 1, 2008

A salute to those who Stand and Get Snowed On

Storm of the Century reporters include:

  • Al Allen, Channel 2
    That mantle of standing out in the middle of nowhere to do a story seems to have fallen on the shoulders of Fox 2's Al Allen.

    These are the consumate pros who don't exactly dress in the choicest of overcoats, are usually donning some perfectly functional warm hat, sporting big honking mittens, just trying to maintain some level of decorum, and getting battered by the elements. While they might never win the big awards for the stations, they're always out there with a sense of purpose & journalistic pride. ref
  • Bob Bennett (1940-2004), Channel 4, while reporting on a flood which destroyed basement apartments in Detroit.
    "Water generally flows downhill in this area" ref
  • Peggy Agar, Channel 7

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