Thursday, January 31, 2008

Windows Annoyances: Drag-and-drop Windows on the Taskbar

With thanks to Tara for reminding me that this bugs me.

I'm just anal enough that I open programs on my computer the same way every day, and that means that the little windows on the taskbar are in the same order.

Eventually, because Windows is Windows, one of them crashes and I have to restart it.

But that means that the windows are not in the order that I know and love. Ack! It is an OCD-Mergency.

And while Bill Gates didn't put the drag-and-drop feature into Windows XP for the taskbar, someone else was OCD enough to do it for me.

Taskbar Shuffle, version 2.2, by Jay Elaraj, is a free program that does just what the doctor ordered. Download it from his Home of the Nerd Cave.

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