Friday, November 30, 2007

Squirrel Brains!

Ok, so it is not really Squirrel Brains, it is a java applet that lets you view 3D slices of a squirrel's skull. It takes a bit to load, but once it is running, it is pretty cool. Here's the link to the main page.

This skull was formerly owned by a female Eastern Fox Squirrel who was living in North Carolina. Let's call her "Becky. "

Her skull was "collected" on December 29, 1955 by J. D. Billingsley. I think you can tell who finally got themselves a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas back in '55.

Scanned July 28, 2000. How bored were they at the University of Michigan Musuem of Zoology that day? Keep reading to find out...

"Hey, Dave, I'm bored."
"Yeah, me too. Wanna play with the new X-Ray machine?"
"Sure, but I'm not sticking my hand in there again. You only fall for that trick once."
"Hmm, let's see what I have around here..."
Rummage, fumble, sound of drawers and cabinets are heard opening and closing.
"No, can't use a banana, remember last time? Who would have thought it would have exploded like that?!?"
"That reminds me, you still owe me lunch."
"Hey, how 'bout this? It's a 45 year old squirrel skull. Even if things go bad, who would miss it?"
"Cool, pop it in there."
Dr. Palmer walks into the lab. "What are you two doing?"
"Um, we're testing the...uh...bone density scanitivity of the new equipment, Doctor."
"Good thinking. Is that a squirrel skull? I've been looking all over for that thing since the Eisenhower administration. Be sure to email me the scans when you are finished."
"Sure thing."
"No problem, Doc."

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