Thursday, May 17, 2007

Is your dishwasher flaming?

Ok, so it's not actually on fire, but if you have a GE brand dishwasher it could be recalled due to a problem with wiring and using the liquid rinse aid dispenser. According to the website, you should stop using it immediately, and if you are having a dish-mergency and you must wash, don't leave it running unattended.

And of course, my dishwasher is part of the recall. I scheduled an free repair appointment for next week. The website is very easy to use, just need to have your model and serial number to check if you could be flaming, and then to schedule an appointment.

We always joked that our stove was Jewish (because it can be set not to work on the Sabbath), and the refrigerator is Arabic (which is why it can't be right next to the stove) but who knew that our dishwasher would one day come out of the closet? :)

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