Sunday, September 7, 2008

Maddie's 1st Coney

Don't worry Grammie - it wasn't crawling, you didn't miss it...she is close, not quite there yet and I'm a little hesitant of the hard wood floors. She'll have to come practice at your house again real soon - let's us know when you want company)

But she did have her first experience in a high chair restaurant during our impromptu trip to Coney Island earlier today. So impromptu, I didn't have my handy high chair cover with us (it's now going in the car so we don't have this problem again) - not to worry, I used lots of wipes to clean everything first.

She did really good - she sat like a big girl. She was wanting to eat in her high chair, but we didn't think she was quite ready for a Coney Dog yet.

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