Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life in prison? Somehow I doubt it

I'm sure the American Legal System will somehow screw this up and these two alledged felons will either receive a lesser sentence or end ups walking on a technicality. But it would sure be nice to see them get what they deserve.

Police have arrested two men, Timothy Burg, 20, of Clinton Township, and Duane Sain, 18, of Redford, suspected of an armed robbery of a car wash at Hall Road and Romeo Plank.

Both were each charged with a count of armed robbery and a count of conspiracy to commit armed robbery. The charges each carry a penalty of life in prison.

Shrouded by hooded sweatshirts and cut-off shirt sleeves over their noses and mouths, the two men entered the carwash, brandished a handgun and stole about $1,900 dollars from the manager on Monday, [Macomb County Sheriff Mark] Hackel said. The crime happed just before 7 a.m.

Police responded to a 911 call and a witness provided a description of the car in which the thieves fled. Investigators later located a vehicle matching the description at a nearby apartment complex.

Police tracked down the owner of the vehicle, got a search warrant and then interviewed the suspects. Authorities also interviewed a 20-year-old woman who they learned was Sain's sister and Burg's girlfriend, Hackel said. The woman is not currently facing any charges, he said.

During the search of the apartment, police found $1,900 in cash, cut up shirt sleeves and a cell phone which the suspects used to take pictures of themselves with a weapon. (comment - These two clowns should get life in prison for stupidity alone.) They also found a BB gun with a laser target site hidden inside a vacuum cleaner.

Authorities also suspect the men are responsible for at least two other armed robberies -- one at a fast-food restaurant June 23 and another at gas station in the area July 3. The thieves used the same tactics -- entering at early morning hours, wearing hooded sweatshirts and brandishing a weapon, Hackel said.

"If we can connect them to the other crimes, then there will be additional charges," he said.(excerpts from Detroit News)
Oh, and by the way, with the way Mark Hackel has handled crime in Macomb County, including the Murder of Tara Lynn Grant, you bet I'm voting for him. It's not often you get to vote for someone who actually does a good job.

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