Saturday, June 7, 2008

RIP Jim McKay

Jim McKay, the longtime sportscaster for ABC, died today at age 86.

To me, Jim McKay was the voice of the Olympics. He covered 12 Games during his career and while I wasn't around for all of them, these are the ones I specifically remember:

In addition, he was the voice of the Kentucky Derby and the Indianapolis 500 while I was growing up.

And he will probably best be remembered as the voice of ABC's Wide World of Sports, and the lines, "...the thrill of victory... and the agony of defeat..." as Vinko Bogataj crashed off the end of that ski jump every Saturday afternoon.

Grr, this video was the best one there was, and now the link doesn't work.

30th Anniversary of Wide World of Sports. Volume on this video is extremely low, so you'll have to turn your speakers up to hear it. And no, this isn't a 7th grade joke to scare you. Geez.

Thanks Jim, for all the years of coverage and for showing us all about the "...human drama of athletic competition." RIP, you've earned your place in history.

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