Thursday, May 15, 2008

How to cover your butt in the hospital

At least you can now, if it is a DMC hospital.

New Patient-Wear for Detroit Medical Center Patients

Gone are the days of the backless patient gowns that reveal a little more than one would like. The Detroit Medical Center (DMC) has recently created and purchased new patient-wear which consists of two pieces that cover the entire body.

Unlike the backless gowns patients traditionally wear, the new outfits consist of light blue colored tops and bottoms. The tops are specially designed with buttons starting from the neckline that run down the sleeve for quick release in case of a medical emergency. The bottoms have draw strings which allow comfort for all, and have ‘DMC Wear’ written down the right leg.

“Over the years, patients have sacrificed their dignity walking the hallways in a backless gown,” stated Michael Duggan, President and CEO, Detroit Medical Center. “It is for this reason that the DMC created this new patient-wear. Now patients can walk where they choose without feeling embarrassed. It is tough enough being a patient, hospitalized, away from home; we’re just trying to make it a little more comfortable.”

The new patient-wear will be implemented throughout the Detroit Medical Center. (link)

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