Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Take a stand

People in positions of authority need to stand up and say, "We need to do this, this, and this, or we're going to fail. Trust my judgement and let me do my job, or accept my resignation." <ref>
Interesting, I was just relaying the story of when I did this at one point in my career. I wasn't in a position of authority, but I was the one with the skills and abilities who was actually going to have to do things to have the project be a success. The manager backed down and I got the project completed successfully. And I ended up resigning anyway, though later on and in not such a dramatic fashion.

Looking back, I am proud of myself that I took a stand. Of course, it is easy to do that when you think you are right, and after all the "Customer Service" training I've had, I knew that making a paying customer upset isn't the way to get ahead in business. And it has served me well knowing that I can take that stand.

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