Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Followup to "Blood runs Red in the NHL"

Almost 2 decades later, Clint Malarchuk still haunted by his own gory accident (link)

His psyche was damaged for years.

"I had wicked nightmares where I'd sit up straight in bed like in the movies, sweating," Malarchuk said. "It was just a flashback. I'd see the skate coming up. That didn't go away right away."

He's seen replays of his accident many times but isn't bothered by it because he feels it's almost as if he's watching someone else. Other things, however, do bother him.

"I have a hard time if I see a slasher movie," he said.
Well, at least there isn't any video of when I got injured at ACO, I actually don't know if it would bother me or not.

But I totally understand his movie comment. Even now, 18 years later, if there is a TV or movie scene where someone is getting impaled or stabbed, I just cannot watch it. Especially if it is in the thigh like mine was.

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